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    • “We thank you for representing us in the Phillips v. United States case. We were very pleased with the amount of our settlement. Thank you for taking care of gathering all the information you needed.”
  • Arkansas *Click to expand and read all testimonials for this state


    • “Amazing is all I can say about the service we received from Stewart Wald & Smith law firm. We were notified several times during the litigations both written and verbal, keeping us up on the status of the case. They were very professional and caring at the same time. The United States Government tried to string out the case, but Stewart Wald & Smith stayed on it and WON against big brother. If you need someone to fight for you I would recommend Stewart Wald & Smith.” - John Aycock
    • “We are pleased with the results of this litigation. The amount received was more than anticipated.” - Conway Inn Corp.
    • “I was pleasantly surprised with the result of the litigation and the settlement received. Thank you for your efforts to get this done.” - Sloan Trust
    • “I would like to take this opportunity to ‘thank you’ for representing me for my property damage. I was not aware that action on my behalf could possibly result in the monetary amount that I received. In return I was able to help others that need monetary assistance.”
    • “I feel like this litigation was taken care of in a timely fashion. Everyone that I called for information was very helpful. I am very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks again.”
    • “Thank you for interceding on my behalf. I would have never known about this lawsuit had it not been for your firm. I appreciate the check. Thank you.” - Leota Warner
    • “One other time I participated in a class action lawsuit; I think I received $5.37. I never imagined I would receive a five-figure settlement! The reason I did participate in this class action lawsuit is that I thought that having Walked Ridge layout a walking/biking path through my working, row-crop farm was an infringement on my rights as a property owner.” - Sara Sloan Heckle
    • “Timely & Professional–– Thank you.” - Tyrone & Judy Berry
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    • “I would like to say thank you to Stewart Wald & Smith. They did a great job of getting me the monetary agreement that they felt I deserved. Michael & Heather kept me well informed and that put me at ease. Thank you very much guys... Thank you.” - Willie Duffie
    • “I was very satisfied with the work that Stewart, Wald & Smith did with my litigation. Attorney Michael Smith worked on my case and I felt like he was knowledgeable and prepared for the case. His communication with me as a client was clear, concise and consistent. He always made sure I was informed about the status of the case and what my responsibilities were. It was a pleasure working with a strong, professional law firm and I was pleased with the outcome.” - Reginald Garmon
    • “Thank you so much for my reward, you are the best team I know Stewart Wald & Smith, Thank you.” - Mary Smith
    • “This was one of the best experiences with a law firm I have ever had. Everyone was very attentive to my questions and concerns and prompt to respond. The settlement was fair and just and closed quickly. Thank for all you have done for us." - David Pirkle
    • “Overall I rate Stewart, Wald & Smith a ten. Mr. Michael Smith is understanding and dependable. I would recommend Stewart, Wald & Smith to others.”


    • “Mr. Steven Wald and Mr. Michael Smith handled my rail corridor case. It was very comforting to understand the in-depth experience they both had with this type of litigation. Though my case was small, I received a prompt and thorough response to any questions that I had through the course of the proceeding. I am very appreciative of the attention my case received through the course of the process.”
  • Illinois *Click to expand and read all testimonials for this state


    • “Thank you so much for the wonderful handling of our case. Great job!”
    • “When I decided to get involved in this litigation I had no idea how many years it would take to complete. However, I am thankful for each and every time I contacted Stewart, Wald & Smith they took time to explain all that’s going on with the litigation. I do appreciate that my calls were always returned if I left a message. So I say thanks! I’m glad I got involved in this litigation.” - Cameron Family Farm
  • Indiana *Click to expand and read all testimonials for this state


    • “I am well pleased. You contacted us and I thought fine, I was thinking I can’t lose, but didn’t think I would receive any return or payment thanks for the job well done."


    • “My experience with this firm was satisfying, they were professional, courteous, and worked promptly in settling our issue. Thanks to all, including their staff." - Larry & Cindy Rance
  • New York *Click to expand and read all testimonials for this state


    • “I would like to thank your firm for its hard work. The settlement was more than I expected.”
    • “My involvement with this litigation was very limited but what little involvement I had was a positive experience. The attorney I dealt with was helpful, pleasant, knowledgeable and professional.”
    • “All of the communication with Mr. Wald was professional and clear. When we met, his answers to every question were in plain language with no gibble dee gook, I appreciate how he does business.”
    • “We were very pleased with the settlement of this case. SW&S made the process very easy for us.” - Jeffrey Farbaniec, Main Bros. Oil Co., Inc.
    • “I would like to thank you for a wonderful gift I did receive. It is a substantial amount of money that will help me greatly. I did nothing essentially to receive this gift. You were very informative and helpful through the whole process. Thanks again and a lot of luck in the future." - Yolanda Augusiak
    • “This was my first experience in a litigation. I was very pleased with all your communications and updates, with letter and phone calls that I made. It was an unexpected surprise. The settlement was beyond what I really expected so thank you very much.”
    • “I found Steven Wald and his legal assistant very easy to work with throughout litigation. He kept us updated through regular mailings, even if there was little to update us on. The opportunity to meet in person and ask questions was also greatly appreciated. On a few occasions I contacted his paralegal Jackie and was always pleasant, professional, and helpful.” - Denis Meadows
    • “Thank you, Mr. Wald and everyone on the team for making this happen. I think I speak for everyone in the action when I say that we quite literally would not be here but for your hard work, diligence, and patience. All the very best in future such cases.” - Siobhan Blank
    • “With their firm, we were very pleased with the way they addressed our concerns and questions, not only promptly but informatively. We were kept updated at every step of the case and feel that they were very competent and professional.”
    • “Great experience – Kept me updated throughout the process.”
    • “Stewart, Wald, & Smith, LLC advocated for me in regards to this case with professional integrity. They communicated well and answered all of my questions. They were honest and friendly throughout. I received much larger amount of settlement than expected. Plenty to pay for fencing, so I can get my privacy and safety lock on my property.” - Sondra Weigand
    • "Yes, indeed I am happy with the great effort and results accomplished by Steven Wald, Esq. especially in keeping me updated over the past 8 years. I would not have had this check in the amount of $21,588.75 without Steven. Thank you for your hard work.” - Mary Jean Joy
    • “Thank you so very much for all the work your company did to reach a very good settlement. We had no idea how long it would take but Stewart, Wald, & Smith were determined to represent us in a very positive way. We are most appreciative.” - Richard & Sandra Bruni
    • “Mr. Wald and Ms. Tebbe were amazing to work with. Mr. Wald was very patient in explaining different subjects for those of us that weren’t lawyers. He could also make himself available during appointment times as much as needed. Ms. Tebbe was amazing to work with and was always courteous and knowledgeable. I thank you both for all your hard work on our behalf!”
    • “Stewart Wald & Smith were very helpful and very professional. They kept us informed along the way and made this settlement a smooth and easy process.” - Dan & Sheri Matthews
    • “We were very satisfied with the process. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.”
    • “I am pleased to say “Thank you” to Steven Wald of Stewart, Wald and Smith for their fantastic job they did for the clients like myself to settle the Furlong v. United States class action lawsuit. They worked tireless to solve this class action, and the results were way more than I thought. Thank you for a great job” - William Drozd
    • “Well done, excellent communications throughout the entire process. Thank you.” - John Stout
    • “Mr. Wald acted in a professional, efficient and courteous manner throughout this litigation. He kept me informed of every step and I could not have asked for more.” - Stephen E. Cooper
    • “Overall the legal services of your firm were professional, provided with informative documentation and accomplished in a timely fashion.” - Rodney McNeil
    • “Dear Mr. Wald, You and your firm did a superb job with the settlement process. We are grateful for your efforts resolving this matter with minimal effort on our part. Although it took a while, it was well worth the wait.” - Mark & Joan Virgil
    • “While the process of litigation seemed long, Stewart, Wald & Smith kept us apprised of the progress. My wife and I are very pleased by the results. Thank you.” - Edward and Judith Gilligan
    • “Thank you for letting all of the landowners affected by this action know that this possibility even existed. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you. Your persistence and ongoing communication with us regarding this action was encouraging and greatly appreciated. Would highly recommend you to anyone undergoing a similar action.”
    • “Outstanding service, thank you so much!!! Good luck in the future.”
    • “This has been a very positive experience. Your personnel were considerate and helpful throughout. Thank you all.”
    • “Everyone was polite, professional during the whole experience. Regular updates were greatly appreciated.”
    • “My experience with this firm has been great. They would constantly keep you updated on the progress of the case and answer any questions you have pertaining to it. Very easy to get ahold of and works hard for you.”
    • “The representation from Stewart, Wald & Smith was professional and well done from every aspect. We were updated frequently as to the status of the litigation. We feel we received a fair settlement and they were very easy to deal with.” - Helen Salamone
    • “Having never been a part in a case I thought things were explained well. Questions and concerns were answered and addressed in a timely manner.”
    • “This was a long process, but you and your firm kept us informed all along the way. Very grateful for all you and your firm accomplished for all the landowners along the rail trail.” - John and Cheryl Hungeshafer
    • “The firm was very professional and kept us informed of the status of the case throughout the process. We’re very pleased with the results.”
    • “The firm patiently pursued the litigation – Keeping me informed during the entire process. Very pleased with the result – Thank you”
    • “The firm of Stewart, Wald & Smith represented us in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The firm kept us well informed on the progress of the suit and were always willing to take questions and provide us with the most up-to-date information. They provided us with an accurate accounting of what we could expect in a settlement and what the costs would be. Once the settlement was finally reached they promptly paid us. We were completely pleased with the service and the outcome. They are in all respects a highly professional firm.” - Bernard L. Tansey George W Clifford
    • “Gentlemen, I want to thank you all for the work you put into this. Not having personally met you I was pleased with the way you keep me informed. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to my acquaintances. Thank you again for your work on this.” - William Nash
  • North Carolina *Click to expand and read all testimonials for this state


    • “Thank you for contacting us to advise us of our railroad right-of-way rights and representing us in this matter. It was handled very professionally and we were kept posted on any claim status in a timely manner." - Salem Bullard & Betsy Bullard
  • Tennessee *Click to expand and read all testimonials for this state


    • “It took a while for the litigation to be concluded as a matter of fact it took years. The bottom line is the end result of which I am satisfied. For the records, this law firm is trust worthy.”
    • “We were very pleased with the legal services provided by Stewart Wald and Smith. They kept us updated with the status of the case and provided accurate information for the process resolution. We could not be happier or more satisfied. Thanks!”
    • “I appreciate your contacting us about our potential reward. I also liked that you kept us updated on the progress of the ruling and the payment.”
    • “I had never been involved in this kind of litigation before. Steven Wald explained all the options very clearly and always said it would be a long and frustrating process. However, the final award was exactly as he described. It did take a long time but it was worth it. I think we were treated fairly.” - Slattery
    • “This was handled very professionally and we always felt like our best interests were in the forefront. We were kept apprised of what was going on and it was explained in layman’s terms. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”
    • “Mr. Wald and everyone at Stewart, Wald & Smith represented us in our case Lambert / United States Case No. 12-395 L. They were very patient, courteous and professional. We want to thank them for working to get our settlement of $22,501.29. Thank you for protecting our rights.”
    • “This has been a long battle, but you stuck with the lawsuit and I give you a “high five” Thank-you.”
    • “I must say that I was very skeptical about ever really getting a settlement as this drug on for years. I am thankful for the updates along the way. It was helpful speaking in person to one of your people a couple years ago as well. Thank you so very much for your work and help. If not for your firm I would not have known anything about these rights.”
    • “I am very pleased with your work. All takes time to do it right. Thank you so much! Great Job” - Marilyn Roiger
    • “Very prompt in keeping me informed re progress of case. Answered all calls and questions clearly and quickly. Very pleased with both Steven Wald and Assistant Jackie. Thank you very much!”
    • “This was done so professionally, and we were updated on the process on a regular basis. When I found the check in the mail today I was elated to say the least. Thank you for all your work to get us money we didn’t realize was due to us.” - Linda and Sam Aljundi


    • “Thank you for looking out for your fellow man. This couldn’t come at a better time. Didn’t think anything would come of this and am very happy it did. We used it to make funeral arrangements. He is 82 and I am 76 so kids don’t have to worry now if God takes us; Thanks again!” - The Ludroskys
    • “This firm has been great, and we would totally suggest their services. They kept us up to date with mail and phone calls. Everything they told us fell into place and NO Runaround at all. We thank you from our heart for all you’ve done. It really helped us a lot.” - Charles & Freida Oliver
    • "I felt like they were easy to work with. All went well. We were kept informed at all times.” - Sue Bowers
  • Vermont *Click to expand and read all testimonials for this state


    • “I met Michael when he came to Bennington Vermont to explain to us about the railroad right of way. He was very thorough.” - Peter Cross
    • “Nothing but great things to say about this firm and Michael Smith. Excellent communications and very satisfied with results. Highly recommend!” - Ed Dublois
  • Washington *Click to expand and read all testimonials for this state


    • "Steven Wald has been awesome keeping us informed all the way. Today I received a very nice check! I highly recommend this company.” - Patricia A. Fetterly
    • "From the point of first contact through to the end Steven Wald was there for us. He was patient, kind, courteous, and honest. He took time to answer all of our many questions and never rushed us through. We would highly recommend Stewart, Wald & Smith. When you call, they answer! You will be glad you did!” - Jake & Patsy Butler


    • "Tom and Liz, Happy New Year! We wanted to thank you again for hosting the reception and dinner at Paradiso. It was nice visiting with our fellow "trail" folks on a casual basis and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food. We truly appreciate the steadfast efforts you have made on our behalf. Let's hope 2020 will be the year of "closure". Warmest Regards."
    • "Thank you for the nice check. We wish to thank you for representing us over the last 8 or 9 years for the fine work in completing the lawsuit." - Joyce Kendrick
    • "Thank you for your many years of continual up to date correspondence and always available to answer any questions or concerns regarding our case. I wish you continual success!" - Pat Johnson
    • "Thank you for everything. It is hard to believe that the Haggart Chapter is closed - you've become a part of our lives. The fantastic celebration dinner was fun, and like dinner with old friends, which you are. We will toast you on a special occasion with the special bottle. The new glass piece will forever remind me of you two and our friendship. So many memories! Hopefully we'll make some new over together. Just because Haggart is over - doesn't mean we are over." - Sally and Dave
    • "We appreciate all you did in the pursuit of the settlement with former railroad property. Thank you a lot more than was expected." - Rudolph Daniel Long & Sally Long
  • Wisconsin *Click to expand and read all testimonials for this state


    • “Michael Smith and Steven Wald did a great job getting us a settlement. We answered a few questions and Michael and Steven did the rest. I would definitely recommend Stewart, Wald & Smith for any Rail to Trails issues.”

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