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Rail-Trail FAQ Guide

Downloadable Guide To Rails-to-Trails Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Stewart, Wald & Smith we have spoken with thousands of clients over the years, and answered many questions about rails-to-trails cases. Check out our resource that answers many of the rails-to-trails frequently asked questions, such as:

  1. I like recreational trails. Will this negatively impact the trail?
  2. I do not want a recreational trail next to my property. Can you help me stop the trail?
  3. How much will I get paid?
  4. What will this cost me to have you work on my case?
  5. How long does the process take?
  6. Can I obtain compensation without filing a suit?
  7. What happens if I do not bring a claim?
  8. Is this a class action?
  9. Where are these cases brought?
  10. What happens if I sell my property before the lawsuit is completed?
  11. There is a road between my land and the railroad right of way, how can I have a claim?


Click to download your Rails-to-Trails Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

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